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Johnny's Chocolate Company is located in Sunny San Diego California!! It is here we   

Hand-Make Ecuadorian       Chocolate  

Our rich Single Origin Cacao Beans are grown from a variety of lovely fair-traded chocolate plantations, nestled in the jungles of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian Arriba Cacao Bean is among a small group of fine aromatic chocolate beans in the world. Unlike most chocolates consumed, Nacional Arriba Cacao is often regarded as having the most flavorful depth and complex notes. Much like wines and coffee, chocolate beans are not made equal!   



What Makes Our Little Chocolate Shop Different?

We HANDMAKE your Gourmet Chocolate Bars in a batch that never exceeds 5 pounds! 

This greatly reduces the cooking time, and we feel that this helps preserve the distinct essence of this secluded Amazonian chocolate. 

Every Artisan Chocolate Bar we handcraft just for you; extensive detail is poured into its creation. Whether its placing a wild blueberry into each square of chocolate, or hand mixing your choice of sweets, we will always value you, as if you are Johnny's Chocolates only Patron. 

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