Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs

Now is the perfect time to buy dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, but from where? Most of us aren't venturing out of our homes for non-essential items (though in our opinion, chocolate IS essential), so that leaves online ordering options. You'll be pleased to find out that Ecuadorian artisan dark chocolate with cocoa nibs is available now from Johnny's Chocolate Company. Ingredients in our dark chocolate with cocoa nibs are vegetarian and paleo-friendly. They include natural Ecuadorian Arriba cacao which is infused with cinnamon honey, sea salt, cacao butter, sea salt, and dark cacao nibs. Yum! This handmade chocolate is freshly made in our San Diego kitchen as soon as you place your order. Chocolate bars are usually shipped within 2-3 days. In warmer times of year, chocolate bars are placed in insulated bags to prevent them from melting. Now is the ideal time to treat yourself or a loved one with some handcrafted chocolate from Johnny's Chocolate Company. Our dark cacao nibs are unlike anyone else's... all available at a totally accessible price, too! Give yourself a well-deserved break with some dark chocolate nibs, carefully handcrafted by the expert chocolatiers at Johnny's Chocolate Company. You'll feel great about supporting a local small business, Ecuadorian farmers, and getting yourself a nice window of happiness and pleasure, too. You are under so much stress - give yourself some love and care with artisan dark chocolate with cocoa nibs from Johnny's Chocolate Company.