Ecuadorian Chocolate

Ecuador is known worldwide as an excellent source of high quality, flavorful cacao and coffee beans. It's jungle climate is perfect for growing scrumptious beans that yield absolutely delightful chocolate. Johnny's Chocolate Company is so many people's go-to source for a taste of amazing Ecuadorian chocolate. Every single one of their specialty chocolate bars is hand-crafted in small batches (maximum of 5 pounds). This preserves their unique flavor that allows their purity to shine through. Producing the chocolate in such small batches greatly reduces their cooking time, resulting in a more complex flavor. As soon as people try Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate for the first time, they never go back to boring chocolate again. Delicious!

Wondering what chocolate flavors we have? Customers are free to choose between blueberry, orange and habanero. People can purchase one chocolate bar or bundles of 10 to share with family and friends. Imagine the looks of delight your neighbors will have if you surprise them with a bar of high quality chocolate from Johnny's Chocolate Company. It's the perfect little gift that just about anyone will really appreciate.

There are plenty of companies that mass-produce chocolate, but the results simply aren't the same as ours. The best chocolate is made in small, handcrafted batches, from Ecuadorian Arriba chocolate, which can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home in just a few days. We source all of our ingredients from various local chocolate plantations dotted throughout Ecuador. Ecuadorian Arriba cacao beans are unlike any other kind of beans found in the world - they lend a special flavor that everyone absolutely loves. As soon as you place your order, our chocolatiers will spring into action, making your chocolate as fresh as possible.

During this time of social distancing, everyone is sacrificing in certain ways. Lots of people are sacrificing by being unable to work productively, since schools and daycares are currently closed. Plenty of people aren't able to work right now as lay-offs, furloughs, and firings become more widespread as the crisis continues. There is a small silver lining amongst all this strife, though. No one has to sacrifice gourmet chocolate - just place an order from Johnny's Chocolate Company. Turn a boring Wednesday night into a party. Pour a glass of wine, crack open a gourmet Ecuadorian chocolate bar, and enjoy yourself to the max. Yum! You deserve our high quality chocolate, not the gross mass-produced, flavorless junk produced by larger companies. We're a local company with a real passion for incredible chocolate that will simply blow your socks off with every bite.