Handcrafted Chocolate

Most of us are secluded at home almost all the time these days. It can be so boring! Every day feels like the same... cleaning, laundry, working from home, cooking, rinse, wash and repeat. The most exciting part of your week is probably taking the trash out to the curb, where you might spot another human being! Oh wow! What have we become? Haha! The good news is that you can spice up your quarantine experience by ordering some handcrafted chocolate bars from Johnny's Chocolate. Our handcrafted chocolate is made in small batches that never exceed 5 pounds. All of our handcrafted chocolate bars are produced using very high quality ingredients and contain no soy, no dairy, no emulsifiers, and no lecithin. They are vegetarian friendly! We only craft our handcrafted chocolate bars in small batches because we believe this preserves their authentic, scrumptious, jungle flavor. We have a bunch of different handmade chocolate bar flavors for you to choose from. We've got something for everyone! Choices include wild blueberry dark, citrus orange dark and spicy habanero dark. We are always coming up with new flavors! We also have bundles of 10 chocolate bars that you can purchase as gifts or simply for your own enjoyment. YUM! Stop endlessly searching online for "specialty chocolates near me" and simply click over to the Johnny's Chocolate Company website. You're going to absolutely love our chocolates. There's no need to find "specialty chocolates near me" when you can simply order from Johnny's Chocolate Company. We ship to many places all over the world, and we would love to add you to our list of highly satisfied customers. Simply place and order today and your handcrafted chocolate bars will ship in 1-3 days. It's that easy! Take your quarantine experience from "ho-hum" to "yum" with some specialty Ecuadorian Arriba chocolates that will make your taste buds dance with delight. You'll be so glad you did!